Sex and Networking!

Why Business Networking Is The New Sex ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’, that’s what we’re told isn’t it? But unless we are talking about something transactional – ie: a purchase, how can we expect to get what we want if we haven’t laid the groundwork first? In this case, by ‘groundwork’ I mean …

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Uncommon Courtesy!

Common courtesy: we all know what it is, and we all know how it makes us feel when we receive it. And how we feel when we don’t – that person walking in front of you and not holding the door open, someone who doesn’t say, ‘thank you’, when you hold if for them, and …

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Circle of influence!

I was at an ABC Networks meeting last week when a guest came marching up to the host of the event and launched into a tirade about how difficult it was to find the venue. The host, a very experienced host and well respected lady in the local business community was humble and did everything …

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As someone who loves watching human behaviour patterns it fascinates me why a lot of people keep repeating the same fundamental actions and wonder why they don’t get a different result. So here are a few actions that you may be taking, that, if you stopped, might just make a big difference to your life! …

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