You Never Know!

They say that conversation is a dying art, and in this age of text messages and social media I’m inclined to agree with them. Having said that, you can’t deny that conversing electronically is still conversing  and entire relationships are forged and finished from a keypad. Regardless of how you prefer to talk to people, …

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Help One Person Everyday!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how much we as a species rely on interaction with other human beings; To help one person everyday could be the new way forward! The internet is rife with memes, posts, and statuses about how much we miss hugs, about how epic it’s going to be when …

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What comes first marketing or sales?

Marketing or Sales?

What comes first, marketing or sales is like the chicken or egg conversation! It’s an interesting conundrum because you need sales to sustain a business and without marketing of some description you won’t get any sales! The lack of leads is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail in the first five years “These …

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Get some perspective

Get some perspective!

I was out walking with my wife and we were about 2 miles into a 5 mile walk when it started pouring down. After 15 minutes we were both soaked and she said “If I had known it was going to rain I’d have stayed at home!” I said “What’s the problem? Skin is waterproof …

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Giving someone feedback, whether personally or professionally is all about helping them get to the point where there is nothing that needs to be changed or perfected

Feedback not Criticism!

A client of mine is currently writing his first novel, and last week he sent me a few chapters to read and asked for my ‘constructive criticism’. Now, this is a phrase I hate, so I responded by telling him I will give him my ‘Feedback’ not ‘Criticism’. The word ‘criticism’ is mired in negativity; …

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Psychology of Engagement!

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? That’s what they say. Although it’s often less about the ‘fun’ you are having, and more about how engaged you are in the activity. We’ve all had days at work that have dragged, for instance, and ones that have flown – and often the only difference is …

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