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Doubled our sales in just six months!

“We finished the Millionaires Mind-set Course with Ash in June this year and what an experience it was ! Since then we have nearly doubled our sales from last year in just six months. As I don’t believe in coincidence, I can only put this increase in business strictly down to this course and the consequent action and hard work resulting from it. I can highly recommend this course for its content and the no nonsense way that Ash delivers it. If you want to get serious about your business get in touch with Ash and change you and your business forever. You will never think the same way again!”


I can truly recommend this gentle giant and mentor.

“I attended one of Ash’ courses yesterday and I can truly recommend this gentle giant and mentor. He lives what he teaches, has experiences and shares what he knows! No surprise then, that he is where he is today. It was great spending two hours with him, (not forgetting the other attendees)!”

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I've got time to walk the dog again!

Don’t know where this came from lolJust feel lucky and if you guys want to change your life give us a call

Posted by Lloyd Lundie on Thursday, April 12, 2018


It’s a must if you want to push your business forward.

“After going on Ashley’s Millionaire Mindset taster session in 2012, I made some small minor changes to my business that resulted within two months in me increasing my turnover enough to invest into attending the full course in January 2013.

Before completing the the full 12 months course I had upped my profits and started to think of employing my first member of staff to help me with the increase of business that I was beginning to see.

After setting up all systems and process learnt from the course and investing the time in my business it became easy to train the staff member I needed to start making me money when i was not there myself.

After my accountant did my end of year accounts my profit when up 60% in less than 12 months, I have since increased my customer base and profit.

I can not recommend Ashley and his courses enough; I enjoyed the course that much I am now on the Entrepreneur’s Business Club. I’d honestly say its a must if you want to push your business forward.

I would also like to add the millionaire mindset did not just change my business life, it also gave me a positive outlook of life and make me realise I can do anything I put my mind to. I have recently changed my life style again by losing 3 stone 8lb and still going. I am a different and, I like to think, a better person for it!”


Ash, I cannot thank you enough!

“I cannot begin to describe how valuable Ash’s advice and guidance has been for me. It has categorically transformed my business. There has been a phenomenal shift in my mind-set since attending Ash’s seminars and in particular, the MMS course.
Like so many small business owners starting out on their own, I really undervalued my time. I have always been technically very good at what I do but I wasn’t aware that I had some limiting beliefs holding me back!

Thank goodness I met Ash when I did because my business has gone from strength to strength owing to his guidance and straight-talking.

When I first met Ash, my minimum fee for portfolio management and financial planning was £500 per annum, per client. At that time, I did not have a clear vision for my business and I did not understand about positioning or how to stand out in a crowded market.

Today, I am pleased to say that I have a very clear business proposition, which my clients really value. I work with a select group of high net worth individuals who seek a personalised service because, typically, they have more complex financial affairs. Since I have fewer clients than I originally planned and because my overheads are low, I can really take my time with my research and advice, which ensures that it is of a very high standard. I can spend more time with my clients, monitor their portfolios more often and I can be much more proactive compared to when I worked in the corporate world. My annual fees now range from £4,000 to £12,000 per client.

Ash, I cannot thank you enough. What you have done for me and so many other business owners has been life changing! Thank you for being so generous with your time and for sharing your experiences. It is very much appreciated!”


I have quadrupled my income!

“When Ash told me about his Millionaire Mindset Course I was pretty uninterested to say the least. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not easy to sell to. I was stuck in my old ways and struggling to make much headway with life and business. Ash invited me to one of his two hour seminars / taster sessions. I was quite taken with the direct and honest approach Ash used to get his point across. I left the session feeling pretty empowered and also quite annoyed at myself because the stuff I’d just listened to had touched a few bad areas that I was guilty of in my own business and life.

So I decided to enrol on the Millionaire Mindset Course (MMS) where I met a group of like-minded people that completely understood the position I was in.

I am four months in to the course now and my business is flying, my home life is better and I’m not half as stressed as I used to be, business is actually fun rather than a struggle. I feel I should say this though….Don’t go to one of Ash’s seminars or courses if you’re not willing to act on and try the stuff he teaches, you will get nothing from it if you don’t take action on what you’ve learned.

This isn’t a course for people who can’t take being told the truth directly about what is wrong in your business. There’s no business jargon clichés here. Just direct, honest teaching of systems that truly work! In four months I have quadrupled my turnover, I get to spend more time with my daughters and I’m enjoying running my business instead of it running me!”


This man is awesome!

“Ash Lawrence can write an inspirational word for every letter of the Alphabet. Using his CBT NLP and psychology. This man is awsome! Armed with the wealth of business and life experience. That gives him a unique brilliance.He starts with easy to remember letters with powerful meanings DIN WIIFM P.A.C.E that stick in your mind and don’t go away. I highly recommend attending one of his many seminars there is something for everyone. Do it now! Don’t delay…….”


Ash helped me be happy!

“Ash has helped me be happy!! When I started working with Ash a few months ago to help improve the running of my business the one thing I did not expect is quite how much it would impact on my life and general well being. Quite simply Ash has helped me be a happier person in every aspect of my life. I would recommend him to anyone that is feeling generally a little lost or disheartened with life and their business.”


A great way to change!

“I joined Ash’s Entrepreneurs Business Club after completing he’s Millionaire Mindset course. I knew I would still need help to push my business forward, just to make sure that I took action on all the information I had learned from the MMS course. The support from the whole group has proven to be an excellent way to push you, and make you accountable for your actions that you’ve promised to take before the next session. I’ve been to 3 sessions now and have found my goals becoming more specific each time I attend and I know without this accountable accountability I wouldn’t be achieving what I am now. It’s a fantastic way to make sure your business grows and you reach the goals you’ve set.”


Personal growth!

“I am currently working with Ash and a great group of Entrepreneurs as part of the Entrepreneurs Business Club. As entrepreneurs and solopreneurs we generally know what we need to do but we don’t do it, so being part of the group has not only kept me accountable which is what I was looking for but has also given me a sounding board for business ideas, personal growth, help with challenges, a great team of experts and a no-excuses approach to setting and achieving goals and last but not least really great new friends.
If you want your business to keep moving forward, keep an open mind and speak to Ash or Sally today about the EBC.”