Five R's to a great day.

We all have days here and there where we feel like stress and fear is overtaking us, and all we can see are problems, we feel like there is no escape, no light at the end of the tunnel.

On days like that, we have to interrupt the pattern, we have to change up a gear and get out of our routine.

What I recommend to my clients on days like this is what I call the Five R’s to a great day.

1. REVIEW your day. (What went well, what are you grateful for?) Always end your day on a positive note!

2. REALISE that you have done the best that you could have. (If there were things to improve on; well, now you know what they are) We all make mistakes or have things that just don’t go as planned, take a few deep breaths and move on, we cannot always control everything that comes up in our lives.

3. RECOGNISE that you are making a difference to others. (Think about the ways you help others every day, and make a difference in the world) Sometimes we need to remind ourselves the value we bring to others. Even during those stressed filled times, we can be an example to those who are watching how we handle these times.

4. RECONCILE anything that you felt was negative. (Learn from it. What could have been done better or different?) Identifying the problem, challenge, negative attitude, whatever it is, that’s half the battle. Now that we have identified the issue, we can reconcile it, adjust, problem solve and overcome.

5. RELAX – Spend time breathing, go for a walk, take a break in your day for a period of time to ease any tensions. Make sure to take time out for yourself, doing what makes you feel great. This way you can be at your best. (Relaxation= Rejuvenation and Refuelling) This helps to make you strong, reinvigorated and you actually think clearer when you take the time to step back and take a break.

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