Good or Bad?

At one of my Millionaire Mind-set seminars recently we were discussing managing our personal states and the effect that has on our profit margin. One of the attendees asked “How do you choose a positive state if you have had a bad day?”  I’m sure that lots of you also have the same question…

Here is my attempt at answering it for you, so let’s start with a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so!” It is what we think about something that either makes it good or bad, the meaning that we attach to an event.

What you may consider bad luck, I might see it as an opportunity and visa-versa, it’s all in what we think about a situation that gives it power.

One of the greatest challenges we all face is managing our own internal emotional state, especially in difficult situations. How do you deal with challenges? Do you like your friends to console you? Do you feel anger rise followed by a verbal or physical outburst or do you throw yourself head first into activity to stop you from thinking about the difficult situation?

I believe there is no such thing as an un-resourceful person, just an un-resourceful state. Being able to manage your state so that you are able to remain resourceful even in the most challenging of situations is clearly something that is of huge value wherever you work, whatever you do and whoever you are! In business especially being able to choose your state will directly affect your bottom line.

Whatever task you have to perform, whatever you want the outcome to be, ask yourself – “What state do I want to be in to make this easy?”

If you do want to or need to change your state in order to help you perform at your optimum level then there are many ways to do so using various techniques.

To get you started, here are 3 easy ways to help you manage your state:


Change the pictures you are creating for yourself – not just what you are picturing, but how you are picturing it. Change the sounds you can hear, become more aware and zone in for the best picture possible. Ever noticed what happens if you’re feeling low or a bit stressed and then you hear your favourite piece of uplifting music? Change the sounds and how you imagine your end result to be.


Change your body radically – Move, do anything that pushes different chemicals around your nervous system whether this could be doing more exercise or simply taking the stairs instead of the lift. Change your posture, stand tall, high and successful, not only will you look confident but you’ll feel more confident. Consider changing your facial expression to a smile and slow down your breathing, even the smallest changes will help you manage your state.


Change your internal dialogue or self-talk. You can change the content or the language of your mind chatter so you become your own champion. How about changing your internal critic that tells you you’re not good enough? Imagine how funny you might find it if your inner critic had the voice of Mickey Mouse or the Donkey from Shrek? Or move the location of the voices so it comes from your big toe!
All states are caused by the interaction between your thinking patterns, your physiology and your neurochemicals. Changing any of these can influence your state.

The ability to change your state and choose how you feel is one of the skills for emotional freedom and a happy life. Emotional freedom does not mean never feeling negative but does mean you are more aware of negative states and can choose your response.

If you are in a bad mood (state) think of how that effects people around you. Is it endearing them to you? Probably not. Does being miserable with your customers effect your profit margin? You bet it does, so change your state to a more positive resourceful one and you will notice how it gives you better results.

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