How do you use your ego?

Do you know what the purpose of your ego is?

Your ego’s purpose is to keep you looking good and to prove that you are always right. What do you think about that?

Let me explain…..

One of the biggest problems I have when working with business owners is that they spend most of their time justifying what they know instead of finding out what they don’t.

How crazy is that?

Now I know you wouldn’t do something like that and you don’t have an ego so you probably don’t need to read this blog, however, you may know someone that is just like this and may benefit from you passing this on.

At the weekend I was working with the guy that’s designing my book cover and one of the statements on the book goes something like this “When faced with change or justifying what they know, most people get busy finding the proof!” and he said “that’s unbelievable, why would anyone do that?‚Äù

I explained it’s all to do with the ego and the ego doesn’t like us being wrong, so what it does is justifies why we did what we did. The problem with this is that what we have done has been perfect to get us what we have got, and you know as well as I do that if we want something different we have to do something different.

The following evening I was with this same person finishing off the design and I asked him how the release of his new music single was going. Now bearing in mind this man has an IQ of 167, he’s highly creative and a talented musician among a multitude of other things; this is what he said…

“Its rubbish, the producer is in another country and it didn’t happen.‚Äù So I said “Why are you using him then?‚Äù He replied. “Because he’s got the money to do it and we haven’t.‚Äù So I said “How much do you need?‚Äù “Four thousand pounds.‚Äù He said. “So why don’t you put the money together yourself?‚Äù was my response.

So for the next twenty minutes he justified why he couldn’t do the production himself with the rest of the band members. His mindset was set on finding the proof of what he believed he knew instead of finding out what he didn’t.

My question to you is where are you being run by your ego and what could you do differently to get a better result?

Your Life, your choice….

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