What is success?

Very frequently I’m asked to give my definition of success.

Here is one of my responses:

I believe success is getting a reasonable number of the things money will buy and all of the things that money can’t buy. (People who say they’re not interested in money will lie about other things, too!)

I confess that I like the things money will buy. I like to live in a nice house, drive a nice car, wear nice clothes, play on beautiful golf courses, take regular holidays. I like all of those things, but I love the things that money can’t buy.

Money will buy me that house, but not a home. It’ll buy me a companion, but not a friend. It will buy me pleasure, but not happiness. Money will buy me a bed, but not a good night’s sleep. It will buy me a good time, but not peace of mind.

I’m grateful for the fact that I have many of the things that money will buy and all of the things that money can’t buy. I know many other people who can make the same statement. I mention that only to say that these things are available and, by following the right procedures, playing by the rules of the game, and taking responsibility for your life, you can have them all. That’s exciting!

Success – What It Is and Isn’t as I see it!

What is success? It is many things to many people. Here are a few signs of success:

Success is closing the door to your office at the end of the day with a smile of satisfied contentment on your face. It’s knowing that you did a good job and that those who interacted with you had a positive experience.

Success is looking forward to getting home and seeing the people you love. It’s being mentally and emotionally free to share yourself with them and to be interested in them.

Success is being loved by the people you love.

Success is sitting down to pay the bills and knowing that you have enough money to cover them, this month and next month. It’s knowing that you have taken measures to ensure the financial security of your family in the event of your demise.

Success is knowing where to turn when it seems that there’s nowhere to turn. Having a spiritual life is akin to eating food and drinking water. It’s necessary!

Success is having interests or hobbies to call your own. It’s things that you personally anticipate doing again and again. Having interests gives you joy and peace.

Success is waking up in the morning and feeling good. It’s knowing that you eat right and exercise regularly and that you do everything you personally can to ensure continued good health.

Success is turning out the lights, slipping under the covers, and thinking to yourself, “It just doesn’t get much better than this!” It’s having an attitude of gratitude before you fall into a deep, restful sleep.

And here are a few things that success is not:

Success isn’t calling home from work for the fourth time this week, apologising because you’re going to miss dinner with the family again.

Success isn’t hurrying into the house and hiding behind closed doors or the television set because “After the day I’ve had, I need my space!”

Success isn’t having all the riches in the world and still trying to figure out how to have more of all the riches in the world.

Success isn’t all work and no play.

Success isn’t burning the candle at both ends and living on a diet of food that’s delivered through little windows.

Success isn’t spending mental energy figuring out how to explain why your project isn’t going to come in on time, why you have to miss your child’s school play, why you can’t pay the bill in full as you promised, why your eyes are red and your blood pressure is going through the roof, why you’re cancelling your game of golf, and why you just don’t find any joy in living.

Success is directly related to having a balanced life. If any one area is out of sync, all of the areas of your life suffer. Take the time to examine your life and take small steps to gain balance.

Maybe you have seen some indicators here as to how successful your life is at the moment.

If it’s not what you want it to be, the only person going to change it is you. So what are you waiting for?

Do It Now! 

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