Psychology of Networking

I bet you've never learnt how to network properly, so here is your opportunity.

I hold these 4 times each year so please register your interest by completing  the form on the side of this page.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the psychology of networking.
  • Learn the P.A.C.E. method of networking.
  • See why so many people don't make it work.
  • Understand test cases.
  • Avoid neutral corners.
  • Work out what's going on in the other persons head.
  • 10 questions to make sure you nail it.
  • Quick route to rapport building.
  • Understand why it's not about you.
  • Optimise your 1 minute presentation.
  • Get the best ROI for your networking.

There are limited spaces so please be quick as first come first served.

All this for just £27...

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See what our previous attendees have said.....

rick-nicholls"Today I attended Ash's 'Psychology of Networking' course in Chatham. It proved to be enlightening, thought-provoking and rather entertaining. If you've embarked on a decision to use networking as a means of increasing the amount of business leads you're receiving but are not getting the results you'd hoped for, I would thoroughly recommend this two hour course to bring a fresh perspective to your approach!" Rick Nicholls

esame-diyan"I attended one of Ash' courses yesterday and I can truly recommended this gentle giant and mentor. He lives what he teaches, has experiences and shares what he knows! No surprise then, that he is where he is today. It was great spending two hours with him, (not forgetting the other attendees)!" Esame Diyan

Grace"I attended two short courses run by Ash. The psychology of networking and perfect pitch. Although I have been networking for 17 years, I always feel that there is always something to learn and to have my beliefs reinforced. One of the biggest things that I was reminded about was focus. Although I attend lots of meetings 60 seconds is a short period for inviting people to get to know you better and I need to focus more on my business introduction then the majority of the time on my fundraising for charity!" Grace Kelly

Thank you Ash for your guidance, advice and friendship. I feel priviledge that you are part of my life.

"Having attended his Psychology of Networking and Perfect Pitch seminars I can testify firstmark bennett hand that Ash is an incredibly engaging speaker, providing invaluable, practical guidance and support that should enable any owner to develop and expand their business!" Mark Bennett


"I attended  Ash's networking seminar this week and now, thanks to Ash's advice, view networking in a completely different way. I feel far more comfortable being myself at networking events and feel better equipped as a net-worker." Helen Valls-Russell

"When I first starting networking my idea was to put a business card in everyone's hand and expect the business to role in! How wrong was I? After attending Ash's Psychology of networking course I am now equipped to do it properly. I'm getting more leads and more business. More importantly I'm building some great relationships!" Ross Cowan

"Having recently attended one of Ash's networking groups and workshops, I can highly recommend Ash for his work. His suggestions and outside-of-the-box idea's will without doubt improve the way I personally network and build long term business relationships." Michael Welton

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