Walker or Talker?

To “Show Me” connotates a certain pragmatic stubbornness, a no-nonsense approach to living, and a devotion to simple common sense, are you a walker or a talker?

It sends a clear message that a smoke and mirrors approach won’t work with me, and that you will ONLY be believed once you can prove that the results are real and legitimate.

In my opinion, it’s a brilliant, transparent, and effective approach to life that anyone can adopt to perform at their absolute best.

For those that are tired of all the BOLLOCKS being thrown around, and all the people that talk a good game but don’t have the integrity or capacity to back up the talk, this message will be well received. You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

I want to show you how to apply, and challenge you to adopt the Show Me philosophy to your life and business.

There comes a time when all the theory, talk, and verbal posturing has to stop and when you and I have to prove that we can and will deliver results.

From this moment moving forward, make your life a model of the Show Me philosophy.

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me…

1. That You Love Me.

Think of everything you can do, large and small to demonstrate your love without saying a word. The message will be received quickly and appreciated far more as well.

2. That You are Committed to Excellence.

Define the non-negotiable rules of a superior performance and then flawlessly perform the part. Your actions will be far more powerful than your words.

3. That You Really Want to Succeed.

Get up early, develop a daily game plan, throw yourself into every task and your actions will show and tell the world how badly you really want it.

4. That You Have Perseverance.

Bounce back from set backs quickly, never lose your enthusiasm for your goal, and confront every obstacle with an indomitable, unconquerable spirit.

5. That You Are a Professional.

Be on time, be fully prepared, be actively engaged, and consistently deliver results. You’ll never have to utter a word as your reputation will do all the talking for you.

6. That You Have a Sense of Urgency.

Work fast, focused and purposeful. Set a deadline on each activity and neither accept nor provide any excuses. Your show me actions will open up new and greater opportunities almost immediately.

The strategic benefits of living a “Show Me” existence are vast and profound:

  • Your reputation will speak well of your character and professionalism.
  • Opportunities will come faster and with less effort.
  • People will trust you and gladly provide referrals.
  • You will make more money.
  • You will attract an entirely new quality of people.
  • You will have the inner confidence of a champion.
  • You will never have to apologise for not walking your talk.

And your life will serve as a role-model, inspiring others to become disciples of the Show Me philosophy which is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

“It’s your life, and it’s your choice. It’s also your consequence.”

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