Chris Verbo“After going on Ashley’s Millionaire Mindset taster session in 2012, I made some small minor changes to my business that resulted within two months in me increasing my turnover enough to invest into attending the full course in January 2013.

Before completing the the full 12 months course I had upped my profits and started to think of employing my first member of staff to help me with the increase of business that I was beginning to see.

After setting up all systems and process learnt from the course and investing the time in my business it became easy to train the staff member I needed to start making me money when i was not there myself.

After my accountant did my end of year accounts my profit when up 60% in less than 12 months, I have since increased my customer base and profit.

I can not recommend Ashley and his courses enough; I enjoyed the course that much I am now on the Entrepreneur’s Business Club. I’d honestly say its a must if you want to push your business forward.

I would also like to add the millionaire mindset did not just change my business life, it also gave me a positive outlook of life and make me realise I can do anything I put my mind to. I have recently changed my life style again by losing 3 stone 8lb and still going. I am a different and, I like to think, a better person for it!” Chris Verbiest