S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. For Business

Developing the Millionaire Mindset in you!

Up until March 2020 (Lockdown) my Millionaire Mindset course had been running 4 times per month since 2005.

Now after a 35 month break we are now launching our first back in the room course!

We only have 12 places available for the course that starts on 23rd March 2023. If you would like one of them, please fill in the form NOW as these first places will go very quickly!

"Change Your Mind & Change Your Life" with our SYSTEMS for Business course!

Have you got the Millionaire Mind-set?

Are you too busy to earn any money?

Let's cut to the chase!

We help our clients make more money!


We change lives by changing minds. The change from Employee to Entrepreneur is a big one and we help people make that leap from earning £1k per month if they are lucky to earning £10k plus per month.

The reality is that the average employed person in the UK earns £28,500 and the average self employed person earns less than £18,000 and only 2% of self-employed people earn over £100,000.

Most small business owners earn much less than they did when they were employed; they are also working harder and longer with less benefits. No holidays and no sick pay!

If they don't fix the way they think they will go bust and then back into employment if they haven't had a heart attack in the mean time!

Come on the SYSTEMS for Business course and we guarantee you, if after finishing the 12 month course and you have applied everything you have learned and you do not at least earn the cost of the course extra, we'll give you your money back!

If your business needs to generate more cash, this is definitely the course for you!

Even better news is that this course is approved and certificated by the Institute of Leadership and Management! The ILM is a City & Guilds company!

Our next course starts in 29th September 2022 so if you would like to know more please fill in the form below.

Just £397 per month!

This is what you will get for your money;

    • One full day per month.
    • Psychological reprogramming
    • Leadership skills.
    • Eliminate limiting beliefs and attitudes.
    • Learn how to build long term successful business relationships.
    • Develop unshakable confidence.
    • Understand the difference between Employee and Entrepreneur.
    • Learn The 7 steps‚ to a successful business.
    • Build a 1,3,5 and 10 year plan. (Vision)
    • Build a business strategy that works.
    • Get your Product right for your market.
    • Create your own Market Position. (How do you stand out in a flooded market?)
    • Learn how to get a stream of New Clients ‚ pre-sold.
    • Develop an effective Integrity Sales Process.
    • Install excellent systems & processes.
    • Find the ‚Wow-Factor‚ in customer services.
    • Build Succession into your business.
    • Find out what you don't know instead of defending what you do know.

You will also be part of our Facebook accountability group and be able to ask questions and engage with me and the other members!

These are small groups with only 12 delegates.

"We only take people on this course that are SERIOUS about their business and who want to earn more money, with less stress and enjoy a better lifestyle.

If you are happy with what you are earning, enjoying a stress free life and getting everything you want from your business then this is probably NOT for you!"

If you are serious about your business and would like to come on a course that will change your life then please fill in the form on this page to see if you are ready to come on the course.

If you are thinking "I can't afford this or I can't take 1 day per month out of my business"  then you are the very person that this will benefit the most.

The issue isn't "Can you afford to DO this?" the real issue is "Can you afford NOT to?"

This is an ILM approved course!


See what these people say about the SYSTEMS for Business course...

"In just one session with Ash I've found the hunger I had when I first started my business.

The difference is I'm being taught the tools to handle the pressure and to make key decisions with a clear strategy.

It's been a fascinating insight into the human mind. I'd highly recommend Ash to business owners and professionals alike who are yet to unlock their full potential.

Another 11 sessions to go!"

Bill Cordes

"I just wanted to let you know that joining this course 13 has made me experience all sorts of emotions and challenges relating to my business and consequently my personal life too. The course and the reading material you set us has woken me up and lifted a dark curtain that was stopping me from seeing what I need to do, where I need to go and what I need to learn to make my business and my life what I want them to be. If I was talking directly to people thinking about going on the next course I'd say this- "Do it and do it now!" you won't regret it " the only thing you will regret is not having done it sooner. And if you think this course is just another business course that you'll take a few things away from then think again "it will change the way you look at, feel and think about all sorts of stuff. It will almost definitely frazzle your brain and jumble everything up in the first instance as the realisation dawns on you that you've been doing stuff the hard way and the wrong way for too long and that there is a different and better way to go about it all. I worried about doing the course and worried about the monthly investment in myself but it's the best money I've spent in a long time, and that's even including buying shoes!! Go for it " Jump in-we all deserve to be the best we can be and the best our businesses can be!"

Rachel Cowell

Just-So Clothing and Merchandise

"Over the last year I have been attending Ash's SYSTEMS for Business course. During that time he has helped me to see things differently, to think differently, and more importantly to act differently! My business has changed dramatically during this time and with the things I've learned I am confident that my business (and I) will continue to grow. I recommend this course for you if you run your own business and understand that if your business is to be successful, you yourself need to have a 'millionaire mind-set!"

Julia Smallbone

"I've just completed the SYSTEMS for Business course with Ash Lawrence. If you are struggling in business, need that push, advice or help in anyway, to grow your business and increase profit margins, or if you want to change things in your life - this course would be perfect for you. It's about changing your mind-set!" changing things you've always done. There's a saying "if you always do, what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always got". How true this is! Ash teaches you to change things, to re-think things, to challenge yourself, to make decisions and take definite steps to achieve your goals. I have a learnt a lot from this course, made changes and will continue to make changes. I've come away with goals set, 1,3 and 5 year plans, ideas of where I want my business to go, I have copious notes that I took throughout the course and hand-out notes from every session; notes that I can refer to at any time, as I won't remember it all!!  The course was very relaxed and friendly, with everyone contributing to discussions and conversations. I left each session feeling extremely positive and excited about the future of my business and my personal life! Ash challenged me and made me challenge myself. The course was invaluable and at the end of it, I am motivated and confident and able to make decisions and changes that will change my business and my life! Thank you Ash!"

Lesley Parker

"When Ash told me about his SYSTEMS for Business Course I was pretty uninterested to say the least. I'll be the first to admit I'm not easy to sell to. I was stuck in my old ways and struggling to make much headway with life and business. Ash invited me to one of his two hour seminars / taster sessions. I was quite taken with the direct and honest approach Ash used to get his point across. I left the session feeling pretty empowered and also quite annoyed at myself because the stuff I'd just listened to had touched a few bad areas that I was guilty of in my own business and life.

So I decided to enrol on the SYSTEMS for Business Course (MMS) where I met a group of likeminded people that completely understood the position I was in. I am four months in to the course now and my business is flying, my home life is better and I'm not half as stressed as I used to be, business is actually fun rather than a struggle. I feel I should say this though....Don't go to one of Ash's seminars or courses if you're not willing to act on and try the stuff he teaches, you will get nothing from it if you don't take action on what you've learned. This isn't a course for people who can't take being told the truth directly about what is wrong in your business. There's no business jargon clichès here. Just direct, honest teaching of systems that truly work! In four months I have quadrupled my turnover, I get to spend more time with my daughters and I'm enjoying running my business instead of it running me!"

Gav Munnings

"Today was the last day of my SYSTEMS for Business course. It may be the last day, but I'm not finished developing my business. It's now all about action and accountability.

Ash has been so amazing throughout the year, he takes a personal interest in your business, bending over backwards to help your business grow, helping not only with the business aspect, but with the personal issues too, this has been so reassuring throughout my journey.

Ash has a vast knowledge of how to do business, along with life's experience has generously shared his wisdom and expertise throughout the time.

I have a great respect for Ash and feel so privileged to be working with fantastic coach!

When I first started the course one year ago, I was encouraged to write my vision. I wrote a 10, 5 and 1 year vision. I put on my vision that I would clear all my credit card and loans by December 2014...... I've achieved this already along with so many other goals.

This is without a shadow of a doubt the most life changing and MIND changing experience I've had!

I'm truly grateful - thank you so much Ash & Sarah for everything, here's to the next chapter! Bring it on!"

Deb Jones

Positive Pathways

"Good fortune fell upon me when I ran into Ash at a network event in Kent. I watched and listened to Ash as he gave a talk about psychology and business. I was hooked with the way Ash spoke and delivered his ideas. I knew I just had to get on one of his courses and luckily found my way onto his year long program to change your mindset from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This guy is the new Kurt Lewin of our times!!" Al Frank Monk

"I cannot describe how valuable Ash's advice and guidance has been for me. It has categorically transformed my business and my lifestyle. There has been a phenomenal shift in my mind-set over the last 12 months since attending Ash's seminars and in particular, the SYSTEMS for Business course.

Like so many small business owners starting out on their own, I really undervalued my time. I have always been technically very good at what I do but I wasn't aware that I had some limiting beliefs holding me back! Thank goodness I met Ash when I did because my business has gone from strength to strength due to his guidance and straight talking!

Ash, I cannot thank you enough. What you have done for me and so many other business owners has been life changing! Thank you for being so generous with your time and for sharing your experiences. It is very much appreciated!"

Louise Pepper

"Ash has helped me be happy!!

When i started working with Ash a few months ago to help improve the running of my business the one thing i did not expect is quite how much it would impact on my life and general well being.

Quite simply Ash has helped me be a happier person in every aspect of my life.

I would recommend him to anyone that is feeling generally a little lost or disheartened with life and their business!"

Roland Stanley

Dragon Coworking