Fill the Gap!

Filling that gap between the success you have achieved and the fulfillment that you know is there but you just can’t find it!

I’ve met and know lots of really successful sports and business people that have made lots of money. The challenge a lot of them have is “What’s next?” They have a gap in their life that they just don’t know how to fill.

They’ve got plenty of money and all of the material things in life; but, they are still not happy.

There doesn’t seem to be a day goes by without seeing in the news that another high profile person has taken their life. What is it that makes them so unhappy that they feel like there is no alternative other than to end it all, when the average person would love to have that lifestyle.

Something is missing, there is a gap! The equation is wrong; Success doesn’t come before fulfilment; fulfilment comes before true success!

One of my clients, an ex professional footballer had come to the end of his playing career and didn’t know what he was going to do next. He felt that his world had come to an abrupt end, he came to me and he now travels the world speaking to thousands of people helping them change their lives.flip-flop-on-blue

If you have an underlying feeling that there should be more to your life and you don’t know what that is, then please give me a call 07787570570, email me or fill in the form for a very confidential conversation.

Read what some of my clients have said;

“Ash has helped me be happy!!
When i started working with Ash a few months ago to help improve the running of my business the one thing i did not expect is quite how much it would impact on my life and general well being.
Quite simply Ash has helped me be a happier person in every aspect of my life. 
I would recommend him to anyone that is feeling generally a little lost or disheartened with life!” Roland Stanley

“I’ve played football all of my life which I love doing. I’ve got things that most people can only dream about but I really wasn’t happy. My dad had left mum, me, my brothers and sister when I was very young and it made a big hole in my life. I have felt responsible for them as the eldest child and resented my dad for deserting us; this caused a lot of anger which was showing up in my football. None of the clubs I played for wanted to deal with my aggressive attitude and kept releasing me. My mum heard about Ash after watching the football league show and the work he did at Gillingham FC. So she contacted him and I’ve been working with him since. Ash helped me get  the club of my dreams and play at the highest level. He really has helped me “Fill that Gap!” Anonymous

“I am an actor and I’ve starred in several high profile films so most people would expect me to be super confident. I wasn’t and I suffered massive anxiety attacks before I went onto set and especially before awards ceremonies. I discovered Ash by doing a google search in my area for someone that helps people with anxiety and Ash’s name came very high up on the list. I checked out his testimonials in the social media and was so impressed I called him. WOW! He put me at ease really quickly and we soon had a great rapport, he is very different to what I expected a psychologist to be… All I can say is, if you want to get results, get the FlipFlopPsycho!” Anonymous

“When I met Ash I was at the end of my playing career, I had no contract, no real world skills and I couldn’t pay the mortgage on my house. I now own that house and another house. I fly all over the world telling people how I have transformed my life.  Ash has been instrumental in changing my life! I now earn more than I did when I was playing, I’m really happy and my life is totally fulfilled. Ash truly is the FlipFlopPsycho!” Anonymous

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