Perfect your PITCH!

Perfect your PITCH!

Do you struggle at network meetings to stand up and deliver your perfect pitch?

I show small business owners how to deliver a pitch that everyone wants to listen to.

Most small business owners stand up and start with my name is…….. and I am a……… and by the time their job title comes out of their mouth 95% of the people in front of them have turned off!

If they keep doing things this way they won’t get any business and will eventually say that networking doesn’t work because they don’t get a return on their investment into networking.

If this sounds like you come along to this 2 hour workshop and learn the basics of how to get people interested in and listening to you. To get over your fear of public speaking for just £30 is an absolute bargain!

Have a look here at my testimonials and see what people are saying about my seminars.

See when the next Perfect your PITCH seminar is just here!

The issue isn’t “Can you afford to do this?” the real issue is “Can you afford not to?”

See what some of our previous attendees have to say…

Grace“I attended two short courses run by Ash. The psychology of networking and perfect pitch. Although I have been networking for 17 years, I always feel that there is always something to learn and to have my beliefs reinforced. One of the biggest things that I was reminded about was focus. Although I attend lots of meetings 60 seconds is a short period for inviting people to get to know you better and I need to focus more on my business introduction then the majority of the time on my fundraising for charity!” Grace Kelly

Thank you Ash for your guidance, advice and friendship. I feel priviledge that you are part of my life.

“Having attended his Psychology of Networking and Perfect Pitch seminars I can testify firstmark bennett hand that Ash is an incredibly engaging speaker, providing invaluable, practical guidance and support that should enable any owner to develop and expand their business!” Mark Bennett


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