Memory Training

Ash is asked all the time how he remembers the name of everyone he meets. Well now is your chance to find out how he does it plus a few other really useful memory tips.

The cost of the seminar is £47 which you can pay by cash or cheque on the day.

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By the end of the seminar you will be able to;

  • Understand how your memory works.
  • Remember the name of everyone you meet.
  • Remember the occupation of everyone you meet.
  • Remember a list of at least 30 items.
  • Remember a speech or presentation that you may have to make.
  • Boost your ROI for networking.

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See what some of our previous delegates have to say….

“I attended a Memory course by Ash Lawrence and was thoroughly impressed. Ash was a fantastic presenter, animated and entertaining. More importantly the methods that he taught me I have already used and it is really helping! Thanks Ash!” Hayley Roy

lisa-rothery“A day after attending this course, I can still remember all 30 items on the list!
Ash is a master at everything he does, he keeps it simple, while pacing the learning and hands on examples perfectly. More importantly, you come away from this course, with the essential tools to remember everyone you meet.
If you feel you suffer from poor memory, Ash is the guy to go to, he will change your mind and how you use it with effective results. Do it now!” Lisa Rothery


“What’s the point of Networking if you can’t remember the names of those you met? What’s the point of having a box full of business cards that you can’t relate back to the people who gave them to you? Ash’s Memory Seminar provides all the basic tools to vastly improve the networking experience and what you take away from every event, just by remembering who you met and what they do. I thoroughly recommend this course – a definite “must” for everyone involved in business, at every level.” Martin Small

linda-garcia“Just spent a very valuable two hours in Ash’s Magic Memory Seminar learning how to better utilise the memory banks and put it to best use in my business. Ash delivers a sound and proven methodology, which unfolds with interactive exercises during the course. I was able to memorise a list of 30 words, and learned how to build better relationships by remembering contacts met through networking. I would recommend this course to anyone – not just those in business. Thanks Ash” Linda Garcia

“May I take this opportunity to praise the memory course I attended yesterday – it’s already made a massive difference to my life as I am using the techniques learnt yesterday and have remembered everything I need to do today without a list and all the names, positions and companies from the seminar attendees yesterday!! As they say – it’s easy when you know how!” Rachel Cowell

“Ash’s memory course was a bit like giving my brain a workout down at the gym, leaving me with that satisfied feeling you get afterwards. My brain was satisfied it had learnt something but not tired at all.” Graham Card

“Thank you for yesterday.  I found the course delivery and content to be perfect for me.  I’m an analytical/numbers person so using your LAV technique has already proved beneficial to me!”  Chan Garcha

“Ashley has a great way of putting across new and seemingly difficult concepts in a simple easy to understand way. I think I speak for all of the attendees of the Memory course I attended yesterday in saying that we learned some really useful techniques that will put us in good stead in our businesses in the future. I would recommend this course to anyone who “thinks” they have a poor memory – prepare to be surprised!” Alastair Wood

“After attending Ashley’s Memory Course today, I have already been able to identify how it will help me as I continue to network across meetings in Kent. To be able to fix someone in your mind, know their name and aspects about their business or personal life is a huge benefit in helping to build and maintain a relationship. I’m looking forward to using this new skill set and I would whole heartedly recommend others to attend Ashley’s memory course when he runs it again.” Pete Bresser

“I attended Ashley’s two-hour memory session. Early on we were told to listen to a list of obscure unconnected random items. Five minutes later we had to recall as many as possible. I made five, some made seven. Ashley then taught us the method of remembering things in the short term. By the end of the session I could not only remember all thirty with ease, but in what order they were said, and a day later – I still can! Ashley’s a remarkable coach, personable and very knowledgeable in his subject. We were clearly taught the tip of the iceberg of what he knows. No trouble recommending him. I’ve now joined up for his Millionaire Mindset course that so many people have raved about!” Miles Allen

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