Making a Difference Group

A lot of small business owners look around at successful business owners and think that they did it all by themselves.

Let me tell you this, there are very few successful business people that have done it totally on their own. Every one of them has had some help somewhere; they will have made sure that the people in their lives and business are of the highest quality.

I have a mentor and part of her role with me is to keep me focused and accountable.

Every entrepreneur needs a coach/mentor because the fastest way to learn any business is to study someone who has been successful at it.

This person has already paid the price of experience. You must absorb all of the information that you can out of him or her and take action! 

Over the years, I've met many people who desperately want to be successful but who are ultimately unwilling to invest in themselves. They think, "I can teach myself. I can learn this on my own." I'm always gobsmacked by this attitude.

If I can avoid making a few mistakes by being mentored by someone that has already been there and done it, then I'm going to.

If a business owner won't invest in themselves how do they expect other people to invest in them?

There are many small business owners I work with who immediately see the investment of working with me as something invaluable, and you may be one of them.

I also come across many who are yet to discover the value; they think they can't afford it but would prefer to spend their money in the pub! Funny thing is, if they spent the money on themselves first they could then spend as much in the pub as often as they wanted in the future! 

In reality it's all a choice.... What will you choose?

So if you're serious about Making a Difference in your life and Business here is your chance to join my online membership group!

You might be thinking "I can't afford to do this!" The reality is can you afford not to?

AAAMoney back

The aim of this group is to help you grow your business, overcome challenges that you may have in every area of your life and business.

I am here to guide you!

We are here to help each other and learn from each other with the aim of making a difference in this world of ours, and of course to help you make more money, with less stress and a better lifestyle!

For just £37-00 per month this is what you will get from the Making a Difference group;

    • Four x Face to Face live Zoom group live sessions with me each month.

    • All live sessions will be recorded.

    • Resource centre in the MAD FaceBook group.

    • Regular recorded sessions with established industry experts.

    • Ongoing Text & Email support.

    • Support and advice from other group members.

    • Online networking opportunities.

    • Bi Monthly FaceBook Live sessions.

    • Peer Accountability.

Remember, if YOU don't invest in YOU;  why should anyone else invest in YOU?

The question is, "How serious are you about your business?"

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose! What are you waiting for?

AAAMoney back

If you don't find value in the group here is my guarantee to you.....

You can cancel anytime after the first month and as a bonus for your first month's fee of £37 I will give you a PDF copy each of my 3 books each valued at £9.97 and a FULL 100% Refund of your first months fee!