Business Apprenticeship Academy

The Business Apprenticeship Academy is for start up and small business owners and meets once every month to learn some great business basics, new ideas and peer to peer motivation.

Nearly all start-up and small businesses don’t make year five and one of the main reasons for this is that they don’t have any business training.

One of the quickest ways to get a start-up or small business going is take advice from someone that has been there and done it before and in most cases the reason people don’t do this is because of cost!

Let me ask you this “How expensive is it if it takes you five times longer to generate more business?” Think of all of that wasted time…

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There is a theory that on average it takes 10,000 hours practice to become proficient at something, which at 40 hours per week equates to about 5 years! So is it any coincidence that most start-ups fail in that first 5 years!

Make sure that you are not another negative statistic and come along to the Business Apprenticeship Academy and learn how to short cut the process…

You will learn some business basics which include;

  • How to generate more business
  • Make a business plan that means something
  • Goal setting tools
  • How to stand out from your competitors
  • Overcome your fears about selling
  • Learn why you must have effective systems & processes
  • How to deliver a great customer service so they come back time again
  • Learn  how to network and get results
  • Mastermind sessions with other small business owners

The Business Apprenticeship Academy is once per month for 2 hours and is only £50 per session or if you book for 6 months and pay in advance just £210

(Just one hour one to one with Ash costs more than that!)

These sessions are all with Ash so you will have the opportunity to call on his vast experience in business!

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