The Entrepreneurs Business Club


A guide for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.


This book is a series of personal lessons from a group of successful business owners, (The Entrepreneurs Business Club), and myself, who would like to share with you, our experience of owning our own businesses. As you work your way through the book you will find lots of valuable lessons that, if actioned, will make a major difference to you, your business and your life!

There is however, one very big proviso! YOU MUST TAKE ACTION on what you learn. Visualisation, positive thinking and the law of attraction are all very good and highly recommended but ONLY if you also take massive action on what you learn.

Action really is the cure to most things in life. Sitting still and waiting for things to happen is a recipe for disaster. As you work your way through the book you will find some really useful tips and if you are worried about how to action them, contact the person that authored that particular subject, (their details are at the back of the book).They will welcome talking to you, because they know how important having a mentor is to the ongoing success for any person or business


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