Business surgery!

Last Friday I was invited to do a business surgery at a local co-working group. What a fantastic opportunity for me to spend some time with these enthusiastic business owners and answer More →

Step up your week!

Recently my book STUFF for Business has been selling very well and a lot of happy people that have bought it have asked me if I would do a regular blog with More →

Why Would you choose Negative Thinking?

I’ve heard it said countless times that simply thinking positive thoughts isn’t enough. Rather then argue that point I prefer to refer to the wise words of Zig Ziglar who said, “positive More →

10 Words for life…

Positivity.The things you think about, focus on, and surround yourself with ultimately shape who you become. Choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills your heart, the peace that rests More →

Which way round have you got it?

If you watch the people around you, you will notice that most people follow a strategy that has subtly or not so subtly been taught to them by their parents, their schools, More →


I’m glad you’re reading this… Because today I am going to share a powerful technique with you. But first I want you to imagine this… Imagine jumping out of bed each morning More →

Get it going….

I’ve been working with quite a diverse group of people and businesses lately. The people I’ve been working with have been great… They’re smart, motivated, and have huge goals and aspirations. But More →

You’ve got to move it, move it….

We’ve all been there before. You know WHAT you need to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. You feel… STUCK. Well, here are seven quick-and- easy tricks you More →

Walker or Talker?

Walker or Talker? To “Show Me” connotates a certain pragmatic stubbornness, a no-nonsense approach to living, and a devotion to simple common sense. It sends a clear message that a smoke and More →

Challenge for life….

Here’s the great challenge of life – You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. I have found that income seldom will exceed your own More →