Month: June 2014

6 Lies we tell ourselves!

We live in turbulent times with lots of lies being told! There are fewer guarantees and more uncertainties these days. Thankfully this also means there are lots of opportunities to be had. And if you and I are to overcome the obstacles that are in our way and seize the opportunities, we’re going to need …

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The distillation test!

Distillation test for gossip! The philosopher had just spent another hard day at the university asking lots of pertinent and challenging questions. On the way to his favourite restaurant for dinner, he was greeted by an acquaintance. “Do you know what I just heard about your friend Jamie?” “Just a moment,” said the philosopher. “Before …

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7 Steps you might want to take!

I get asked all of the time what are the elements of a successful business? I give the same answer which is no secret. So to help you here they are;

Are you a KIAC!

I see lots of people that come to see me and ask how they can grow their business or change their lives. They fall mostly into two groups… Those that don’t know what to do and those that know what to do but don’t do it. How crazy is that? Knowing what to do and …

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