Month: November 2011

What might have been….

While it’s often fashionable to dwell upon what might have been, what’s usually overlooked is that really and truly, it couldn’t have. Invariably, any romanticised versions of how things “might have been,” are based upon fictionalised versions of the past.

Quality of your life…..

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your relationships. The quality of your relationships is directly proportional to the quality of your communication. If you want a better a life, start communicating in a better way, especially the quality of your self talk. Start with asking yourself a better quality …

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10 Thoughts about Questions

I’ve been talking a lot about questioning skills with my clients lately and thought you might enjoy some assorted thoughts. 1) A good question can draw someone inward and . . . cause them to reflect, consider and even do so subconsciously through the awareness your question has created. 2) Good questioning allows you to …

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