The single best thing I’ve ever done!

“Ashes millionaire mindset course is the single best thing I have ever been a part of. It is without a shadow of a doubt the culmination of a massive amount of research, learning, reading and understanding that Ash has managed to consolidate to become the best course on the market by a mile. If your lucky enough to get on this course you WILL make your life what YOU want it to be.”

Simon Dudley

Ashley’s sole focus is the wellbeing and success of his clients

“There are many folks out there in the land of learning that promise many wonderful things. Ashley is the real deal and provides a very professional and well researched perspective with that rare commodity, a track record of successful clients. There in lies the key, Ashley’s sole focus is the success and well being of his clients.”

Nick Hindley, NLP trainer September 15, 2009

Ashley is as enthusiastic as he is experienced.

“Ashley is as enthusiastic as he is experienced, as persuasive as he is unconventional and as approachable as he is successful.
His approach to business is the same as it is to people: Open, direct, honest and totally trustworthy.
I have benefited beyond measure by knowing Ashley and feel sure anyone choosing to do business with him will feel the same way.”

John Fuller. London Fire Brigade. June 8, 2010

Ash’s CV does the talking.

“I met Ash at a Chamber after hours meeting where he was speaking about business mindset & his new book ‘Stuff for Business’ and it got me listening.

At my request Ash was kind enough to meet me on a one to one basis to discuss if we could work together and move my business forward. I have to say it was one of those life changing moments, when you know that you are on the right path. After spending an hour or so with Ash I knew that he could help me and my business grow.

Ash is a genuine, straight talking, no bullsh@t guy and has actual real life business experience; his CV does all the talking. I am now working with Ash on a one to one basis and he has already helped me understand some blocks and how important Systems and processes are. Thank you Ash!”

Dan Hulbert.

I met Ash at one of his ABC networks which was by far the most fun, busy and beneficial for generating leads. Since attending my first meeting last summer I have acquired 14 new clients!

“I met Ash while attending one of his ABC network meetings which was by far the most fun, busy and beneficial for generating leads. Since attending my first meeting last summer I have acquired 14 new clients and am now part of a very large, very helpful network of people.

After taking part in a charity weight loss event including Ash I quickly realised after a short time how passionate and knowledgeable he is about business. Not just his own business but everyone he comes into contact with. During the first 6 weeks of our training together I learned more about my business than I had picked up in the last year.

I am now 4 months into his “Millionaire Mindset” course and I know feel I have that exact same passion for taking my business forward. The sessions are interesting, relevant, challenging, packed with great information and delivered in a way that will literally change your life as well as dramatically accelerate your business.

I would recommend this to anyone with a small business looking to make a huge impact!

The network meetings and course are great but the amount of support beyond these, that extra help, going the extra mile to truly add value is what sets him apart!”

Ross Cowan May 2014

If you decide to work with Ashley it should come with a government health warning

“I have worked on and off with Ashley for about 6 years now and it gives me great pleasure to recommend him.
In Ashley you will find someone who knows his stuff, has that innate ability to covey his message in a simplistic way, enabling individuals he works with to find solutions fast.
Not only is Ashley able to do this, but his knowledge of business and life, add great credence to all his endeavours. If you decide to work with Ashley it should come with a government health warning. Expect to be challenged, expect to produce results far beyond your expectations and expect to benefit from Ashley great sense of humour and zest for life.
Finally, what I admire most about Ashley is his desire to find new ways of doing things – he is sponge for knowledge and always open to new ideas and concepts that will help him and his clients. Keep the good work up Ash.”

Steve Jones LicFITOL, MD, Skills for Business December 22, 2009

An MD position can be the loneliest place in the world.

“An MD position can be the loneliest place in the world; how true that is! Dr Ashley has instigated real change in both my personal and professional life giving me the motivation and belief to make a difference in all I say and all I do. By pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me kick procrastination to the kerb, my mind has been challenged and opened to new ways of thinking, resulting in a sea change (actually a ‘tsunami!’) for the future. His advice and support within my business encourages real motivation and positivity and I no longer feel I’m on my own; he is always there for me no matter how big or small the issue. We have a lot of work to do; however, the coaching is not regimented nor ‘stuffy’ but fun and enlightening….I am on a new path into an exciting future; every day is a school day and I am delighted to be in The Ashley Lawrence School of Learning! I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Ashley for helping you to achieve your goals whether in your business or in your personal life, as the famous brand said ‘Just Do It!’ “

Marian Green MD Thalgo UK June 1, 2010

I always leave with the feeling I have learned something

“I have witnessed several of Ashley’s ‘mini slots’ as well as attending a half day seminar. I find these to be helpful, eye opening, motivating and enjoyable.They are always very adaptable according to the audience, he is great at addressing individual questions and needs, I always leave with the feeling I have learned something. A nicer, more genuine and approachable guy you couldn’t wish to meet, his beliefs and confidence are backed by his real unique ‘money back if you don’t like it’ guarantee. Needless to say, I have never needed to take him up on that particular offer.”

Brian Wakefield, Publisher April 8, 2010

Ashley all I can say is that the end result was nothing short of a miracle!!!!

“I first met Ashley when my company hired him as a Skills for Business Consultant. The industry I work in was seeing a big turn down due to the oncoming slow down in the economic climate. I personally, was struggling to see how I could survive let alone make a difference. After repeated sessions with Ashley my focus changed and I could see the real issues that needed acting upon. I faced each day at work with a different and positive attitude and in turn my team became motivated and the results were incredible. I learnt that everyday I get up and go to work it is ME that makes the decision about my ATTITUDE and the end result can be totally dependant on this.

Later in mid 2009 I met with Ashley on a private consultation basis. Yes this was still (I thought) work related but it felt different and I was struggling to cope and deal with issues in and out of the work place. After just one session with Ashley all I can say is that the end result was nothing short of a miracle!!!! You may say that is ridiculous but trust me, I mean it. Elation, realisation, jubilation, understanding, relief, peace and a total air of calmness surrounded me. Yes these are all just “feelings” but the negative ones that I was carrying around with me were so damaging that to be rid of them WAS my personal miracle. I have seen Ashley on a regular basis since and we have dealt with things I did not even realise existed in my thought pattern and more importantly did not realise how these hidden things affected my daily life. I have referred several people to Ashley, some of course within my work place but more importantly someone very dear to me in my family unit. The results from these referrals are outstanding!!!!!

I know I will have Ashley in my future life forever as a mentor but more importantly for me as a true and dear friend.

Thanks Ash you have helped me change my life for the better and shown me how to see the good and positive in everything and of course how to deal with the negatives that try and creep in to my daily life.”

Jackie Stearns. Estate Agent December 6, 2009