SYSTEMS for Coaches

Are you a business coach that would like to stand head and shoulders above your competition and earn in excess of £100k per year?

If not a business coach, maybe a smart business person that would like a change of direction and learn a new skill coaching so that you could help other small business owners achieve their dreams?

We have already placed our first 5 licences and trained the coaches.

We have a new SYSTEMS for Coaches course starting October 2017 and I’m now taking expressions of interest for the final 7 licences that will be available.

Our SYSTEMS coaches deliver this Institute of Leadership and Management approved course every month!

As a coach you will already know that there are hundreds of business coaches out there all competing for the same clients and are struggling to stand out in a flooded market.

One of the main reasons they struggle is that they don’t have anything tangible to sell. If you become a licencee of the SYSTEMS for Coaches program you will have an in demand product to sell.

My SYSTEMS for Coaches can earn you £30k per year for just one day per month of your time.

This works and has served me well for several years now and continues to do so. Come and learn how you could be one of our licenced SYSTEMS Coaches and have something to sell that small business owners need and love.

The next “Try before you buy” session is September 2017 and is just £100 which if you book the full course will be refunded.  On the taster session I will show you how to;

This is a fantastic opportunity to join an exciting coaching team and grow your business!

See what others have said about the Millionaire Mind-set SYSTEMS! Just here!

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See our first 5 licenced SYSTEMS coaches here!

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