The Inner Game of Selling


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With more than 1.5 million graduates in eighty nations worldwide, Ron Willingham of Integrity Systems, Inc., has built a client list that includes Johnson & Johnson, the American Red Cross, and IBM. The secret to his success lies in his approach: forget closing techniques or persuasive gimmicks – salespeople perform according to their inner beliefs about who they are and whether they deserve to achieve. In a proscriptive guide whose very title is a registered trademark, he shares effective tips on overcoming limiting beliefs and self-image issues to set new goals for sales success. Is selling just something you do to people, or is it something you do for them? Is it all about persuading and convincing or identifying and satisfying the needs people have? Based on his proven program, these crucial questions shape a message that has produced stunning results for major Fortune 500 companies. THE INNER GAME OF SELLING additionally shows salespeople how to: * Decide what they stand for * Develop stronger levels of self-confidence * Sell the way people want to buy * Create real value for people, rather than merely providing a product or service * Stand out in the crowd With an approach that replaces old and outdated concepts, Ron Willingham is revolutionising the game of selling.


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