An ode to customer service!

Every now and then a little gem comes along from one of my clients. Below is a poem written about customer service by a delegate on one of my Millionaire Mind-set ©SYSTEMS seminars.

I have a rhyme, customer service
that would be sublime,
if it shared the purpose,
of great customer service!

Rule number 1 for happy customers, listen,
See their eyes light up and glisten,
Identify your customers needs,
And you will be the one that sees,
That if you can anticipate and focus,
Your clients will know there’s no hocus pocus.
active listeningPut your attention to important objectives,
To gather ideas and play detective,
When synergising together as collectives,
You deliver and listen to different perspectives.
Therefore you gather what will really matter,
and all this from an initial little natter.

Rule number 2 Explain what you gather,
Delivering value and relevant matter,
Sharing with them your thoughts of great strategy,
And do it all with fantastic hospitality.
Know you product inside and out,
So you can deliver with great klout,
Being an expert is what it’s about,
From this knowledge your business will sprout.
This is how to be an informative expert,transparency
So listen to these rules to convert,
A friendly chit chatter into a sale,
And so your business will surly prevail.

Rule number 3 make sure you understand,
To create transparency about your brand,
Building upon your customers expectations,
By clarifying all your intended formations.

Rule number 4 have a friendly attitude,
And remember to always show your gratitude,
Having the right intent, you will go far,
And show them exactly how genuine you are.
Build confidence, reputation and trust,
Follow these rules you simply must,
reputationTo build and withhold your deserved reputation,
You will be presented with Great Service certification.
Be willing and show continued support,
Presenting you really are a good sport,
Even if they like to scream and shout,
Say ‘Hold on, I understand, let’s sort this out’.

Rule number 5 is excellence in what you do,
Your skills, your strengths, creating value,
Consistency is key here all the way through,
To make sure your customers are not feeling blue.

Rule number 6 is attention to detail,
By following up with a friendly email,
Or a telephone call to say ‘How are you?’,
Your relationship will blossom and stick like glue.

Rule number 7 have empathy and do not snare,reliability
Let them know they will be treated fair,
Be creative, don’t moan, don’t despare,
And reinforce your known for customer care.

Rule number 8 appreciate their custom,
And treat each client to which they are accustomed,
To congratulate them on completing the brief,
And we have all done so without any grief.

Rule number 9 reliability is key to business success,
So be grateful and pleased it went without stress,
Lay it out on the line for all to see,
And an overnight successes you will be.

To conclude it’s all about going the extra mile,

Thank you Carrie Stay from Clockwork Moggy!

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